Fish Creek Watershed Observatory

Monitoring Aquatic Habitat in the Context of Land-use and Climate Change Impacts in Arctic Alaska

Station Name:
Blackfish Creek
N 70.279°
W 151.484°
6.0 masl
Drainage Area:
22.9 km2
2009 – present

This station was established to collect baseline data prior to development of ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.'s GMT1 (CD-6) project in which a drilling pad is scheduled to be located within upper portion of this watershed. In addition to stream gauging and water quality monitoring, lakes in the upper and lower portion of the watershed have been monitored as part of the Circum-Arctic Lake Observation Network (CALON). The pools of Blackfish Creek are known to be particularly deep compared to other beaded stream systems.

Blackfish Creek watershed map
Beaded channel of Blackfish Creek

Beaded channel of Blackfish Creek consists of deep coalesced pools formed in ice-wedge networks of polygonized tundra.

Blackfish Creek plot

Select Published Studies on Blackfish Creek and its Lakes:

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