Fish Creek Watershed Observatory

Monitoring Aquatic Habitat in the Context of Land-use and Climate Change Impacts in Arctic Alaska

Data Access and Status

Stream Data

Complete discharge, depth, and temperature data for 2021 is expected to be available by October 2022 pending station data retrieval and quality assurance/quality control procedures. Additional water quality time-series data will be made available as time and interest permits (Meta Data). New stream and lake gauging data are now available for the Willow area. In addition to links below, river discharge data (2001-2017) and stream temperature and discharge data (2009-2019) are archived with and publicly available from the Arctic Data Center.

River/Creek Stream Time-Series Data Water Quality
Upper Fish 2001-2020  
Judy 2001-2020  
Ubutuoch 2001-2020  
Ikpikpuk 2001-2020  
Blackfish 2009-2020 2010 USGS Synoptic
Crea 2009-2020 2010 USGS Synoptic
Oil 2009-2020 2010 USGS Synoptic
Bill's 2009-2020 2010 USGS Synoptic
Redworm 2012-2017 not available
Hannahbear 2012-2016 not available
Alaska 2019-2020  
Snowman 2019-2020  
Brooks 2019-2020  
Judy-Kayaak 2019-2020  

Lake Data

Lake level, water temperature, and water quality time-series data up until August 2022 is expected to be available by December 2022 pending sensor download and QA / QC procedures (Meta Data.)

Lake/Pond Lake Time-Series Data Continuous Water Quality Data
Lower Blackfish (MC7916) 2011-2013 N/A
Upper Blackfish (M9925) 2011-2021 N/A
Crea (L9819) 2011-2021 pending
Upper Crea (L9820) 2011-2021 N/A
Richard's Pond (L9817) coming soon N/A
Redworm (M0066) 2011-2017 pending
Bill's (L9811) 2011-2013 N/A
Frank’s Pond (Ini-001) 2011-2017 N/A
Ini-002 2011-2017 N/A
Ini-003 2011-2014 N/A
Ini-004 2011-2014 N/A
Ini-005 2011-2014 N/A
Middle Snowman 2018-2021 N/A
Lower Snowman 2018-2019 N/A
Little Alaska 2019-2021 N/A

Climate, Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Data

Station Name Weather and Permafrost Time-Series Data Snow Survey Data
Crea Creek 2011-2019 Pending
Inigok 2012-2014 Pending
Willow 2018-2020  

Most time-series datasets are available at hourly resolution upon request.

Data citation

Arp, C.D., Whitman, M.S., Kemnitz, R., Bondurant, A.C., Vas, D., and Drew, K.S. 2022. Fish Creek Watershed Observatory, 2001 – 2021.

We appreciate your interest in the Fish Creek Watershed data set. Please take a moment to contact us and let us know if this data was helpful to you and how it applies to your research.
Sand-bedded channel of Judy Creek

Sand-bedded channel of Judy Creek