Fish Creek Watershed Observatory

Monitoring Arctic Aquatic Habitat in the Context of Land-use and Climate Change Impacts

Fish CAFE: Response of an Arctic Freshwater Ecosystem to Climate and Land-use Change in the Fish Creek Watershed, Beaufort Coastal Plain of Alaska

Scenarios for Stakeholders Survey

Survey Purpose: this survey is to engage stakeholders in Arctic environments by exploring their interests, knowledge, and opinions about how Arctic freshwater habitats and species might respond to changes in climate and land-use. Your expert opinion will be used to guide our team in prioritizing efforts and building conceptual and quantitative models of these scenarios. Your input will also be used to identify stakeholder interest and concerns, so that we can more effectively make the Fish CAFE project most useful to stakeholders across the Alaska's North Slope.

Survey Format: the Fish CAFE Team has identified five scenarios of climate and land-use change of potential concern in terms of responses of freshwater habitat and species in the Fish Creek Watershed and other Alaskan North Slope environments.

All survey participants will be given a Fish Cafe stakeholder mug in appreciation of your time and interest.FishCafe mug

For each scenario we ask you to:
  1. Rank the LIKELIHOOD that each SCENARIO it will happen (1 low to 5 high)
    Five scenarios will be presented related to climate and land-use change, these are:
    1. Multi-year Drought
    2. Lake Water Extraction
    3. Wetter Summers
    4. Expanded Infrastructure Development
    5. Warmer, Snowier Winters
  2. Consider several possible HABITAT RESPONSES for each SCENARIO by ranking the following aspects (1 low to 5 high)
    1. SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE - how well you think this response is understood based accumulated systematic study using observations, models, or experiments
    2. TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE - how well you think this response is understood based on life experiences gained in a place over generations within a community or culture
    3. IMPACT - the degree to which you think this scenario/response will cause changes to the ecosystem or resource (positive or negative)
    4. ATTENTION - how much action scientists, managers, or policy-makers are taking to address this response

We expect this survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept confidential, though we may contact you to seek further input or clarification to your responses. Additionally for each questions, we provide an opportunity to add comments or suggests modifications.

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